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Shindaiwa Hedge Trimmer Gasket

Does your hedge trimmer gasket needs replacement? - Shindaiwa Parts Online has the Shindaiwa Gasket that your Shindaiwa Hedge Trimmer needs

The Shindaiwa T260 Hedge Trimmer is a well-built, well-engineered, well-priced home trimmer. Not only is powerful enough to blast through the tallest, thickest grasses, it also accepts brush blades and can plow through saplings with ease. In order, Shindaiwa T242X Trimmer remains working at 100% it requires proper maintenance and OEM replacement parts and our store offers you any Shindaiwa Gasket you need to keep your yard tool at peak performance.

Does your Shindaiwa Trimmer Carburetor Gasket need replacement?

Removing the Carburetor: Take out the air filter assembly, drain the fuel, draw out the air filter case, remove the carburetor. Then, disassembling the Carburetor: Withdraw the rotor cover assembly, extract the guide roller and primer bulb, get out the purge base assembly and the metering cover, remove the metering lever and needle.

Cleaning the carburetor: Cleaning it with chemical spray or an ultrasonic cleaner, remove the excess water from the cleaned components. After that, rebuilding the carburetor. Set up the new metering lever and needle, put in the new diaphragm and Shindaiwa Gasket, place the new reed valve and gasket, fit the primer bulb and cover, set the new guide roller, install the O-ring on rotor cover.

For last, reassembling the unit: Reinstall the rotor cover and assembly, connect the fuel lines to the carburetor, resettle the throttle cable to the carburetor, replace the carburetor, relocate the air filter and restore the air filter lid.

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